Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Oh sock yarn where have you hidden yourself?

I need help! Please light a candle, say a prayer, send good thoughts or Karma, but I lost another ball of yarn. To be exact, the ball of yarn which will allow me to finish the pictured socks. This yarn is no longer available in my area since the LYS was sold last year, and the new owner got rid of all the sock yarn the old owner stocked. The photo does not justice to the yarn. The black in the yarn is actually a very dark green. I suppose instead of saying "here kitty, kitty" I should say "here ball of yarn, here ball of yarn.

I've not blogged in whole week. However, I've been busy. I've just finished another pair of socks (they are drying as I write this) from the German sock list. I've also signed up for a German mystery shawl http://de.groups.yahoo.com/group/secret-of-chrysopolis does not start until the end of September, and I want to knit the Icelandic Shawl from Knitting Daily which will start Labor Day weekend. If anyone is thinking of joining this the German KAL, be warned all messages are in German although the patterns apparently will be available in English. A few non-German speaking knitters have adventured onto the list. If you are game and don't mind using an Internet translator, then go for it. The yarn for the Icelandic Shawl is back ordered; I do so hope that I can get it in time. On top of that I've knitted a couple of dishcloths. It's a good thing I'm retired and like to stay at home.

I'm also being encouraged to write up a couple of my shawl patterns. It appears that at the Charlevoix, Mich. Fiber festival, folks wanted to buy the pattern rather than the finished product. I'm like a donkey when it comes to patterns. I only want to go where I want to go and not where others want me to go. I suppose, I am being dragged by my hair to write up patterns. Don't people know it's much more fun to knit than to write a pattern? Particularly, if you have no idea what size needle you used; how many yards of yarn you used (since it was home spun), etc. Writing patterns takes forethought, an utterly foreign word to me when it comes to knitting.

Well I've babbled long enough. "Knit on!"

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