Thursday, August 9, 2007


Another pair of socks has been added to the Speaks collection of socks. If I continue at this speed, I may have enough socks to outfit the village of Baldwin. (Only kidding! After all we have a whole one thousand inhabitants.) This pattern also came from the German Yahoo Group Socken-Kreativ-Liste and is called Florenz for the city of Florence, Italy. It's a combination of Mosaic, Stranded, slip stitches with yarn forward or in back. As you can see, they are not identical. I got to "putzing" around with them and the "what if" bug struck me, after a suggestion by my daughter. Therefore, the left sock has gray as the main color and the right sock has red as the main color. I also made the soles differently. The left sock has a pattern of two rows: Row 1 being S1 with yarn in front, K1, Row 2: Knit, alternating red and grey every two rows. The sole of the right sock also has a two row pattern with yarn color alternating every two rows. Row 1; S1 with yarn in back, K1, Row 2: Knit.

They were knitted with one leftover ball of gray Kroy Sock Yarn and one skein of Brown Sheep Sock Yarn.

After I started knitting, I realized the socks were made in the Ohio State University school colors. Those from out of state need to know that Ohio State and the University of Michigan football teams are arch rivals and scarlet and gray is not too well tolerated in these surroundings. But, my three adult children were all born in Ohio and their father is a native of the Buckeye State, so, naturally, there are strong affinities in this family for Ohio State's team winning.

While the pattern was not extremely difficult, it did try my patience. I had to frog several times. I found out it was just a bit too complex to watch TV, talk, and knit the pattern at the same time. I know, I'm supposed to say "lesson learned", but I doubt it. Still haven't found the second ball of yarn for the previous sock, but I know it's in the house---somewhere.

"Knit On!"

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