Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My daughter, Angie, gave me a present the other day--over 100 grams of hand spun, hand dyed sock yarn. Isn't it gorgeous? She has finally decided to name her yarns Poppy Yarn. I haven't found the right pattern yet, but it will come and then I'll have a luscious, soft and warm pair of socks. While she hasn't said yet anything on her blog, she sold quite a bit of her hand spun, hand dyed yarn at the Michigan Fiber Festival. Good job, Angie, and lots of success with your yarn endeavor.

I've also laid my paws on a skein of the newest hand dyed Opal yarn, named Autumn Melody. I found it on E-Bay at a reasonable price, no less. Have a look at her sock yarns. All I can do is sigh and hold on to my billfold. The store's name is

Isn't it absolutely gorgeous? I have already found a pattern for the yarn. The pattern can be found here for free:
The socks are called "Apple Harvest." But the yarn's bright colors also remind me of the "Color Tours" we take in the fall to see the glorious colors of the autumn tree. So maybe I should find a leave pattern. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

And then, of course, I've started a new lace scarf/shawl. The pattern is called "honeycomb" and the design comes from a German designer, Birgit Freyer. Her website is www.diewolllust.de . She has started a new yahoo group http://de.groups.yahoo.com/group/Knitting-Delight/ The group is for learning new lace patterns. While most of the messages are in German, the important messages will be in English as well. So if you are interested in lace knitting feel free to join. My sample scarf is knit with Brown Sheep fingering weight yarn; the color is Ash. I had part of a cone left from other projects. It is actually a fast knit and the pattern is easy to follow. When I knit it again, I may make it a little bit wider.

Doesn't it remind you of a honeycomb? Wouldn't it look nice in a honey-colored yarn?

Well that's all folks. "Knit On!"

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