Monday, August 2, 2010

Memories while knitting socks

One of the patterns in the "Summer Swatch Me Knit-Along" by Bad Cat Designs is Trails. As I knit the socks designed by Andrea, I was reminded of my beloved Black Forest and the many trails I used to haunt as a child, some times alone and some times with my cousin. We spent hours in the woods with no one ever having to worry whether or not we were save. When we weren't goofing around, we would pick blueberries or bring the wagon and collect pine cones which were used as fire starter in the winter.

Thanks to Google mixed in with the photos of the socks just finished are photos of the old haunts around the spa Bad Teinach.

Bad Teinach

And here are the socks. Knit from Opal Uni, Forest Green on US 1-1/2 (2.25 mm) needles. This is closest to the actual color of the yarn, with the yarn having a slightly less blue tinge.

The Teinach brook

A better look at the pattern and the heel.

Forest path

Oh how I wish these were my legs. The truth is it's a plastic one. It does, however, show the pattern well.
And another spot I knew well. Here gnomes and trolls dwell.
Continue to knit on, merrily.


  1. Lovely socks. The German scenery is very nice. Thanks for updating your blog!

  2. Love those socks. I knitted the same pattern awhile back and they are one of my favorite pairs of handknitted socks.

    I love hearing about your homeland. It is so beautiful!

  3. Beautiful work on the socks! Love the scenery pictures too, but the socks really took my breath away!

  4. Photos & socks are so beautiful!