Saturday, August 28, 2010

Froggy went a courting

We went for a drive yesterday, exploring some of the many lakes in the Manistee National Forest. Lake County, our county, alone has 115 official inland lakes. The county south of us has 170 some official lakes. But in looking at the official lists, I can only say "there are a few missing." We visited Nichols Lake; it's representative of the many inland lakes: surrounded by woods, small cottages, no wake. For the landlubbers this means no big boats, water skiing, etc., but lots of fishing in boats with electric motors and the occasional Pontoon boat.

And what did we see as we went down to the boat ramp? A froggie! It's bigger partner was grass green, but kept leaping into the underbrush so that I was unable to get its photo. But here is the little one in all his(?) glory.

And then I found these wildflowers as we drove down one of the many dirt roads. I am not sure which particular species of the pea family this is, but it looked pretty, particularly when paired with Goldenrod and the Jack Pine.

And finally a picture of Nichols Lake whose look is representative of many of our lakes around this area of Michigan.

I promise more knitting pics in a couple of days.


  1. I love the pics, Renate. I enjoy seeing what other areas are like. It looks like it was a very serene and relaxing day. Great!

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