Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm in a sock knitting rut

I am on a sock knitting jag. These are patterned after the "Reverse Pod Socks" of Bad Cat Designs Summer Swatch Me Knit-Along. Knit with dear daughter's hand-dyed commercial yarn. The colors remind me of violets one can find growing in the woods. The yarn is a wee bit thicker than the average commercial sock yarn. Since the pattern used 64 stitches and I needed only 60 stitches for a snug fitting sock, I decreased each pattern repeat by 1 stitch. This change made the pattern look more asymmetrical. Now I need to knit the second sock.

The other pair of socks were also knit with daughter's hand-dyed yarn. The pattern came from a 99 page downloaded book called "The Sole Solution 2003/2004 Collection." The patterns will pop up in PDF form if you google the title. It's an easy pattern to remember. The pattern is knit with a multiple of seven stitches. I cast on 64, knit the cuff, and then decreased one stitch. First row: Knit, Second row: k1, y/o, p1, p3tog., p1, y/0, k1. Third and Fourth row: Knit. Repeat ad finitum. You can decide on your own cuff, heel and toe.

Knit on merrily!


  1. Great socks!....especially the second pair....oops, not a pair yet, huh?

  2. \Great socks! You sure are a fast knitter. Do you knit on DPNs? Continental or English? Just curious.