Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I can't make up my mind whether I was "absent without leave" or "missing in action" from the blog world for the last two weeks or so. I haven't even taken the time to read the blogs I normally follow and still have some 600 e-mail messages to read, most of them from one group. It's not that I've had a hot date or anything. However, I've been knitting diligently, even went to the doctor and had my blood tests done and they were all normal even my long-term test for diabetes was normal and that without medication. Yippee! Amazing what less stress will do for your health. So here is what I've been up to:

I finished my Undulating Rib socks and as proof here is a picture of both socks:

They are fraternal twins rather than identical. But they are waaaaarm and so soft since they are made from 100% Merino. This is not a sock to wear in regular shoes. The Merino would wear out too quickly, but in my Birkenstocks they are just right.
I've also knit a scarf for my son for Christmas. Since he never reads my blog, I can talk about it and show a picture. The yarn came from the basement of the mother of one of Angie's friends. It is also a very soft yarn, and seems to be hand spun, Navajo plied -- one strand of brown and one strand of gray plied together. The yarn had no label, but looked as if the colors were "natural sheep". It's just a simple scarf made with the Brioche stitch. I've been using up old stash, and it looks like a mouse feasted on this part of the stash since one skein was almost chewed through. Nevertheless a darning needle was all that I needed. The Navajo ply lends itself beautifully to pulling one end of the yarn through the other end. The reason he gets a new scarf for Christmas is that his sister and I took him out for his birthday dinner. He had a nice scarf on, but when I felt it to see what it was made of, there was a hole on the underside. Now, I just can't let my son walk around with a hole in his scarf, can I? (Leave it up to a mother to turn the scarf right at the point where the hole was.

Finally, I've also been working on my Shawl KAL. I have two more parts to knit before I am finished--just in time before the next KAL starts. The next KAL is called "den-Fischer-sin-Fru" or "The Fisherman and his wife." I bet you didn't know what happened after the fisherman's castle was returned back into a shabby hovel. Well let me tell you: His wife was cold in the old hovel and thus frogged her husband's nets and made a shawl for herself. He finally had enough of her needles clicking away and not having any nets for fishing and he goes back and tells the flounder all about how miserable he is. The flounder takes pity on him and transports the poor miserable creature to a deserted island where he finally found peace. But the fisherman's wife is.... still knitting. I can't wait to see what the shawl she is knitting looks like.

Not the best picture to show off this section, but it does show some details. This is the middle of the shawl.

Another view up to the 6th installment. Only two to go.
And this is what the edging looks like, including the short stubby hair of Sir Rat aka Pepe Le Pew aka the rat terrier. The dog does not leave my side. I think he's an outgrowth of my left hip. No the right hip; it has to be the left hip.

And finally look what I found in the chicken coop today. This egg is just over 3" long, has a 6" circumference and weighs 3.3 oz. or 96 grams. I bet you the chicken who laid this egg said "Ouch."

So now you know why I hadn't gotten around to blogging. I was too busy knitting.
So let's all "Knit on!"

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