Monday, November 12, 2007

Interlude on a Sunday Afternoon!

I was knitting merrily away at my Secret of Chrysopolis Mystery Shawl when I noticed that eight rows or so down I had knitted about 10 stitches when I should have purled. Wonder what got into me? I am usually pretty good at correcting mistakes, but not this time around. Too many stitches and too many rows down with yarn overs and knitting stitches together. And since it was a really dreary Sunday and I didn't have enough sunshine to undo the rows.

I decided to put the shawl aside and knit something fun. So I made these three washcloths. All the patterns are from:
If you haven't seen the site yet, it's a veritable treasure trove of patterns. And they all are free.

Flickering Flame
Little Shetland Leaf

Tuscan Tiled Roof

I love the pattern in the Tuscany Tiled Roof. Now back to undoing eight rows of lace knitting. We are supposed to have sunshine tomorrow.
Knit on!

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