Saturday, November 10, 2007

Further Stash Enhancement and Knitting Updates

I did it again. I enhanced my stash of sock yarn. The skeins were hand-dyed by a nearby LYS. Unfortunately, the dyer no longer works at the LYS, and thus the line has been discontinued. But who can resist a bargain? Not me. If Al Qaeida or some other terrorists attack, I have sock needles with which to defend myself and yarn with which to keep warm. So without further ado here is my newest stash:

I really have to do something with that waste basket in the backyard, like pick it up and that little white blob in the upper left hand corner is one of the new chickens.

I also acquired from my daughter a skein of hand-dyed sock yarn. She was playing "dye-me" with the LYS owner and this is what she came up with:

And then, of course, two more skeins of 50% off Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn also jumped into my shopping basket.

If you're wondering what is under the yarn, it's the Miss Crazy scarf. I still have to make the tassels for the other side before I show it off.
And now to knitting projects. I finished the snowflake scarf. The yarn used was Regia Sock yarn, I used about 2-1/2 balls (50 gram balls). If I knit the scarf again, I will make the edging a two stitch garter edging rather than the stockinette edging. With the stockinette edging it wants to curl a little too much. The pattern came from the Yahoo Group Weihnachtsgeheimnis (Christmas Secret).

And finally, I am finished with part three on the Secret of Chrysopolis Shawl, only 4 behind the most productive knitters in the group, but it's starting to look really good and as more rows are added, it seems easier to knit.

So now you know why I've not been posting as frequently. I've been busy.

"Knit on!"

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