Monday, December 3, 2007

Disasters...or just daily life?

I am so far behind that I'm not even catching up with myself. Today was one of those days were life "400 miles from anywhere" is trying enough that I wish for the big city. We've had our first snow fall this past weekend, including sleet, ice, rain and 6" of snow. Now I know that isn't much in comparison to New England, but when the guy with the snow plow decides not to show up, it's an awful long way to the road with just the right slant upwards at the end of the drive for the car to get stuck. And it did! Then the AAA customer rep decided that they no longer pay for such things as pulling out cars from snowdrifts. Oy weh. Luckily the tow truck operator decided that the car was stuck according to AAA rules, and they could charge them rather than me. On top of that, I need to buy four new tires for the car and Angie's car needs a new motor mount. Another "Ouch!"

And another "on top of that" is another bout of clinical depression; usually I don't have these episodes in the winter time. No Seasonal Affective Disorder for me. I came by it honestly; it was pervasive on my mother's side of the family. Sometimes I wonder why I didn't inherit my father's genes. He had lots of "happy-go-lucky" ones; enough for the two of us.

But this too shall pass.

I have been busy knitting a pair of socks for my son-in-law. It's a Gansey-type design by Monika Eckert from Klabauterwolle and the Christmas Surprise Yahoo Group (Weihnachtsgeheimnis). Unfortunately this dear man wears 11 size shoes and the 100 grams of sock yarn I had on hand aren't quite enough. The yarn is from Switzerland and the company no longer manufacturers the sock yarn. So I called the LYS owner from whom I had originally bought the yarn to see if she didn't have 50 grams hiding in her basement; alas, she hadn't. But she called the distributor and they actually had one 50 gram skein left. Whoopee! Now I am just waiting until it's delivered to the LYS. I have like 3 rows and the toes to go on the second sock.
On the needles is a sweater for Angie. It's the "Perfect Sweater from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I found it on the Internet. The back is finished and it looks like it will fit. Besides it's my kind of sweater, a back, a front and two sleeves that can be sown together. I am not the biggest fan of knitting sweaters in one piece from the top down. My personal opinion is that sewn together sweaters fit better. But that's me. I've put the shawl aside for now, so I can finish the sweater for Angie.
Let's "Knit On!"

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