Thursday, December 27, 2007

This and that...

In my November 28th post I talked about the giant egg one of our chickens gave us. I did have that egg for breakfast and when I opened it up it contained two fully developed eggs. No wonder the egg was so large. Well, in order to show balance in life, another chicken, or even the same one, gave us the smallest egg since we started to have chickens. And here is a picture of it. This egg look more like breakfast for Thumbelina.

As you can see it's just a little bigger than a quarter. Our chickens have been laying diligently, anything between 12 to about 15 eggs a day. There is no way we can eat all of them, so yesterday we dropped off over 100 eggs to the local food bank. Hopefully someone besides us can benefit from the overabundance of eggs we have.

Knitting wise, I've been slowly progressing on the Secret of Chrysopolis shawl. I am on the last part of the shawl, so it should be finished by the time the new KAL starts. I've also been using up the scrap yarn for socks and caps for newborns for Afghans for Afghanistan.

Moving: It seems that many people are abandoning their 360 blogs and setting up shop somewhere else. I've tried Multiply but found it somewhat intimidating. I liked 360; it was so user friendly and intuitive. It allowed me to learn as I went. Angie believes that Multiply is set up similar to Dreamweaver and, thus, is more technical. On top of that I am unable to transfer it over automatically. So it's cut and paste. Well, last night she surprised me big time; she's been transferring the blog, post by post, to Multiply for me. Hopefully, I'll be able to learn how to post to it eventually. I know, you've heard the same complaint over and over again -- you'd think Yahoo would be interested enough in our business to keep us up-to-date on what will replace the 360 blog format, but alas they do not seem to be interested in their 360 blog customers. Could that have something to do with ageism? Are they going after a younger audience that is more programming savvy? Then they ought to just say so.

So, you ask, are you moving your blog or not? I am continuing with 360 for now, but will duplicate posts on Multiply. May be that will allow me to learn Multiply to the point where I might actually like it. In the meantime, against all odds, Yahoo may just actually come up with a proper solution for the dilemma they have created.

So "Knit on!"

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