Monday, August 8, 2011

Socks No. 24 for 2011

Another pair of socks is labeled and waiting to be shipped later in the year to Mittens-for-Akkhol.  The pattern's designer is Regina Satta from Germany.  You can see her designs here.  She has a number of free designs.  Patterns can be downloaded in both English and German.  This is an alternative to "Stinos", simple to knit but looks quite dressy.  A pattern that is unisex and would look just as good in a solid colored sock yarn.  The pattern's name is "Jeck."  I don't know if the word means anything.  Regina is originally from Berlin and I lived 49 years ago in the Northern Black Forest.  Two different times and dialects. The yarn is ONLine Supersocke Butterfly Color, 4 ply.  I bought it at Little Knits from Seattle, Wash. at a very, very good price.

Knit on Merrily!

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  1. The name "Jeck" might be a word play, replacing a in Jack or replacing H in Heck and so on. I really do like your generosity and warm heart!