Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baby Blankets

I do not like knitting blankets, but everyone in the Yahoo group Mittens for Akkhol was knitting blankets for the babies.  The size needed was only 20x30" and I had various amounts of odds and ends of hand-spun yarns; so, of course, I had to join in. Here are the products of this co-dependent behavior with the enabler being the members of the Group.

and this one
The oddments were some of the earliest hand-spun and hand-dyed yarns which my in-house spinner, aka daughter, produced.

Knit on, merrily!


  1. Very nice, Renate. I'm with you as I don't like to knit blankets either. I started one awhile back and frogged it.

  2. So good that you knitted blankets! I´m don´t like to knit blankets but I did two last year for a distant relatives daughter in England. One of them should be colourful and have the Swedish flag in one corner. The other one was white for more formal use.

  3. I love the Log Cabin style blanket!! I hate sewing things together so I usually knit a Log Cabin blanket or crochet one huge Granny Square. Works & kids love them!!! And it's a good way to use up all those darned bits & pieces too.