Wednesday, April 14, 2010

While waiting for more beads... finish the Snow Queen Pi shawl, I whipped up this little bit of nothing. I hope by now you are rolling your eyes and shaking your head. But I am in an expansive mood today: I finished and filed my taxes a whole day early. My normal routine the past few years has been to file for an extension at the last minute. My ritual before computers was to pile in my car and drive around 8 p.m. to the Main Post Office in Grand Rapids, Mich., where a nice and courteous Postal employee would take my envelope as the cars snaked by in long lines. I always had a smile for the employee and said thank you. A twenty dollar bill and a bottle of good Scotch would probably have been more appropriate in retrospect, but I assume these were honest Government workers and would not be amenable to bribes.

This shawl was a Knit-along last year and is part of Monika Eckert's Windsbraeute (Brides of the Wind) series. Spitzbergen (German spelling; otherwise spelled Spitsbergen) is a Norwegian island, the largest island of the Svalbard archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. Since I don't have the money to visit, I thought a shawl by the same name would be fine.

I used Tofutsie sock yarn, a mixture of wool, soy silk, cotton and Chiltin (fiber made from crab shells and shrimp, I believe). The yarn makes a very drapable fabric. In my opinion it is not necessarily suited for socks. The shawl used just under 2 balls, 186 grams to be exact which comes out to 864.5 yards, according to Ravelry.

Actually, this photo represents the color of the shawl best.

That's all folks for today, another shawl is soaking ready to be pinned out and shown off in a couple of days.

Knit on merrily!


  1. I will have to try making a shawl out of tofutsie. I never thought of that. I'm making a pair of socks out of one ball but if they dont work out I might be ripping them out to make a shawl.

  2. I love Tofutsies for that shawl -- little bits of colors popping out here-and-there! Too bad I am allergic to shellfish! Lovely project!

  3. The shawl is beautiful. I have a refund coming from the I shan't spend it all in one place as the refund is a whopping $1.

  4. You said, "...whipped up this little bit of nothing." Surely you jest. "Whipped up?" "Nothing?" You do amaze me with your knitting skills. It's lovely.

    And, contrat's on finishing your taxes on time.

  5. I love it! Just not sure if I have the patience yet for this type knitting. I may just try your idea of saving the instructions for one of these & trying it at my leisure some time. And I have read completely through your blog now.

  6. Where did you gt this pattern? The shawl is absolutely gorgeous and I'd love to make one!!!