Thursday, April 29, 2010

What a drag!

I have been sick for almost two weeks. Bronchitis! I'm almost too sick to knit. Two or three rows and I need to rest. That really is the pits. And since I have trouble knitting, I am also bored and have developed "startitis." With each new project I start, I think that's it, that's going to make me feel better, and then I am back to knitting three rows and having to rest. Dang it anyway! And day after tomorrow is the big 70 for me. I command my body to feel better.

For the rest of you, knit on merrily.


  1. Well, you must feel better in time for the special day! Now, I've heard of excuses for "startitis" but being sick....well, I hope it works for you.

    Hope you feel better. Remember that calories don't count when it's your birthday!

  2. Happy early birthday! Hope you get to feeling better really soon!

  3. I hope you are cured now! I have chronic bronchitis since 2001. But I never was an active smoker....air pollution plus smoking parents are suspects as cause.
    Take care, Lena