Monday, April 12, 2010

The Snow Queen is almost finished.

The snow is finally gone, and I hope that Michigan weather does not surprise us with another snow storm this Spring. My "Snow Queen who had a bit too much of the Grape" is also finished, except for blocking. But that has to wait a wee bit. I want to make sure that the muscles in my back have had enough time to heal completely. You see being only 18 days away from being 70 and crawling under my abode to see if I could fix something left me literally flat on my back for three weeks. Blocking a shawl this size leaves my back hurting even under normal conditions, so I am not going to aggravate the situation right now.

The shawl took just under 4 skeins, at 440 yds. each, of Knit Picks Shadow Lace Yarn. Color was Grapevine. The color is no longer available. The beads used are Delicatas, size 8/0, metallic raspberry. I cannot give the no. of beads or grams used, since I had to order from several sources. The source from which I ordered a sample package has this particular bead on back order now. In ordering beads, I found that each seller packaged them in different weights, e.g. 5 grams, 8 grams.

This shows the edging of the shawl before it is blocked into points. This photo also shows the color as near as possible of the yarn. At least it does so on my computer.

A view of the increase round with nupps.

The shawl came off the needles at exactly 11:48 a.m. this morning. Even without blocking it covers my outdoor table with an overhang of about 2" on all sides, suggesting that it should block out to a good 60" or perhaps more. Andre of Bad Cat Designs has done a super job of designing the shawl. The design is now available for purchase either through Ravelry or her Blog. This is the best design of a pie shawl that I have encountered. The individual sections are well thought out and integrated to make a cohesive whole,
This is also the first time that I have used beads in my knitting. I believe my hesitation of knitting with beads was more psychological than technical up to now. It's a little bit like those egg tosses at company picnics that I used to have to endure: Wasteful! Not necessary! showing off in some way! Funny, how our upbringing rears its head in the most unforeseen places. But the deed is done. It turned out beautiful and now on to other things.
I have two Monika Eckert triangular shawls finished. All is left is the putting yarn ends away, washing and blocking them. All of which was delayed by my above reported foolishness.
So knit on merrily!


  1. This is so gorgeous and I love the color, too!

  2. Your Snow Queen is beautiful!

    And by the way, thanks for your encouragement on my crazy lace repair :-)

  3. Congrats on a lovely work of art! I'm partial to purple so that makes it extra special in my book.

  4. Renate, it is so gorgeous. You are such a talented knitter!