Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Things that didn't float my boat

I consider this blog to be a diary of all my knitting history, not just my successes. The last few weeks I have been on a mission to undo projects I have started at one time and never finished for one reason or another. I am finding that the reason for not finishing something is mainly divided into two categories: The started piece just doesn't give me that tiny lift that says "gee, I like that" or "it's too small, too big, too..."

So I thought it be a nice idea to do Spring cleaning on my blog. This is definitely easier than doing Spring cleaning in my house since it only takes a sit down in my chair, my fingers, my mouse and a click through the graveyard or junkyard of my knitting projects.

This project fell into the "too..." category. It gave me a lift, particularly since the colors of the hand spun yarn seemed "just right" for the project, but it was just a tiny bit too small. It would also have been better if I had used a larger size needle. But then the largest size needle I own is US size 7 (4.5 mm). This yarn has since made it into a sweater for afghansforAfghans and two pairs of socks. The socks have that bit of an "umpf"; the sweater for afghansforAfghans ist just so. But then a kid in Afghanistan needs a warm sweater and not my "umpf."

This project definitely had the "umpf" factor. But it was going to be way too big. It is a Monika Eckert design called "Masked Ball." The yarn looks nice, but I really didn't like to knit with it. My hunch is that had I used bamboo needles rather than Addis, the knitting would have been easier. The yarn was too slick for the Addis. When I reknit it, not if I will make the smaller size.
This was a Yarn Harlot design named "Earl Grey." The yarn was at fault in this case. It was too old--a ball of Opal Uni in dark brown on which either one of our four-legged house guests, aka "eek a mouse." had feasted or Sammy, our Siamese, had carried it once too often to his food dish. When will this frugal German learn that some things should be thrown out. The pattern has since been reknitted in a very nice dark green Regia. I still have the one sock knit from the brown Opal. It has since become a sample for size 9-1/2 (US) men's socks.

This was a www.goddessknits.com mystery knit-along. It was a Pi shawl design and, believe it or not, I was on the knitted on edge. It has lingered since 2008 in the unfinished projects basket. This just didn't give me that lift I want from a project. This may have nothing to do with the design itself, but I have discovered that I do not like to knit items where the instructions are "pick one from four" for this particular section. Only once did it actually work for me. I suppose the secret would be to make swatches of all patterns offered and then see what goes with what. But there are so many good designs out there that I really don't want to waste my time on it.

I actually found a whole sock knit with this pattern, complete with ends woven in. This falls into the very small category of "gee I don't remember knitting this" and having used the rest of the yarn in some other project, there is no way of knitting the second sock. Pity, the finished sock looks really nice, but no more yarn of this one of a kind hand-dyed sock yarn. This pattern named Christine by Kleine Hexorei was reknit with another yarn, and its new owner loves the socks.
As I do more Spring cleaning, I am sure I will come across other projects. Quoting CNN, "I'll keep myself honest."
Knit on merrily!


  1. I almost freaked out!!! At first I thought you were deleting posts (spring cleaning) from your blog. I have some of them "starred" that are my favorites and that I want to go back to.

  2. Even your "too..." failures show how good your work is. (Hope you and your back muscles are happy very soon.)

  3. If it doesn't make you happy - RIP! I commend your assertiveness with your knitting.

  4. Liebe Renate,

    vielen Dank für Deinen lieben Kommentar. Mir kommen auch die Tränen, wenn ich dran denke, was damals mit unseren Kindern geschehen ist. Sie sind liebens- und lebenswert. Zum Glück denken heute die meisten so.

    LG Ulli

  5. Wow -- what a job -- you are very brave to just rip something out and "try again". All your project give me the umphf -- love them!