Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Kissing Cousins came for a second visit.

The Kissing Cousins came to visit again and with them another pair of socks. I found the pattern on the Web, probably on Ravelry. The pattern is named Broken Ribs Diagonal Socks and the designer is Vicki Reed. The pattern is quite simple; even I could memorize it after the second repeat. And some days that is saying a lot considering all the Flexeril I have been taking these past few days.

You just shouldn't crawl on your belly underneath your mobile home to "see for yourself" when you are out of shape and have weak stomach muscles and four weeks away from being 70. Yep that's what I did and my lower back is telling me that this was a nono. But the German genes in me cannot stand it when someone says "it can't be done." I know from experience that there always is a way, if the person just becomes inventive enough. I didn't find a way to unplug the heater that defrosted our water well line, but miraculously a way was found to turn it off. A little imagination can go a long way. Thanks Angie for thinking "out-of-the-box."

These socks are the second pair knit from Angie's left-over yarn. In it's previous incarnation it was going to be a shawl and if you read my last post, you can see it's first incarnation as a shawl. These are also pair no. 33 for the 52 pairs of socks challenge. I'm pretty sure I won't make it this time around. But at least I have had the joy of knitting 33 pairs and some folks besides my daughter and me had warm feet this winter.

As far as my Snow Queen shawl is concerned, I only have about 8 rows to go. The beads are making it really look classy. I have also started another smaller shawl with one of Monika Eckert's designs. Yes, folks, I have currently too many projects going at the same time. So I better get off line and continue to knit.

Knit on Merrily!


  1. Love the reincarnation --looking for the pattern on Raverly now!

  2. Strange how much better the yarn colors look in textured socks. I wish we all could figure out how to understand-maybe a rule of thumb-for knitting the glorious hand painted yarns.