Sunday, November 2, 2008

Works in Progress

We won't mention the three shawls that are in my knitting basket which need to be finished, but I have three small projects on the needles right now which are much more fun than a humongous shawl.
The first is Nelly's scarf designed by Daniela Johannsenova from Maschenkunst. It is being knit with hand spun yarn in various purple and green shades. It's an easy knit that most likely will be a Christmas present.

The second project is a KAL by Melly called Mary's Garden, after the nursery rhyme "Mary, Mary quite contrary." I am using Opal Uni for these socks. The pattern cries out for a one colored yarn.

The third project are also socks. Also a Christmas gift. This pattern is called Earl Gray by the Yarn Harlot. The pattern has an "ugh" rating on Ravelry. So far I haven't found any error, and it is an easy, but classic looking, pattern to follow. The yarn is again Opal Uni. A dark brown. I bought it a couple of years ago from a LYS that is now out of business. The yarn is definitely "ugh" since something has chewed through the outer layers of the yarn. I have a host of small and very small balls, but since I had the socks already started, I've decided to continue with the yarn and weave in the ends and use the one big ball I came up with for the feet. This is the second ball of Opal Uni that I had bought from this particular LYS which seems to have been visited by "meeces" aka mice. It had to be the yarn store because I have no other problems with yarn in my possession.

Knit On!

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