Saturday, November 22, 2008


Two weeks ago Afghans for Afghans send an urgent request out for mittens for school-age children. They wanted to send 300 pairs of mittens to Roots of Peace, a humanitarian organization that transforms minefields into agricultural land. According to a4A the mittens are for the girls and boys attending their schools built through their Pennies for Peace campaign.

Afghans for Afghans wrote in their e-mail:

We thought the goal in this short time frame would be a challenge ... We were thinking ... our major youth campaign for the winter ended just a couple weeks prior and didn't everyone deserve a break? And, time to start focusing on Thanksgiving ... and making gifts for family and friends for the holidays? Yet, we'd give it our best try anyway. Have a seat ... the results are spectacular ... We counted 1,017 pairs of mittens at the end of the day, today. Yes -- 1,017 pairs of lovingly made, gorgeous mittens for young hands in Afghanistan.

So here is my contribution to those 1017 pairs of mittens. A short foray into the netherworlds of my stash, reslulted in small balls of leftover yarn, just right for such a project.

"Knit On!"

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