Thursday, October 4, 2007

I know how to knit

I know how to knit..
I know how to knit!
Ich kann stricken!
Je sais tricoter!

Then why have I visited the froggy on the lily pond at least once a day this past week?

Could it by any stretch of the imagination have anything to do with the amount of Benadryl and cough syrup I have taken in the past few days? It could be just an incidental correlation, but then again my cold has made me just a wee bit squirrely.

One sock of the pair is finally done. Not that the mate wasn't done as well. But I didn't like the way the sides next to the pattern looked, so I changed it on the second sock. That, of course, meant that I had to redo the first sock. So I frogged it to the toe, messed up on the toe, frogged it back to the center pattern and re-knit the toe, sole, heel and foot up to the ribbing. Compared the two socks: the toe was shorter on this sock than on the just completed one. I had decreased to 12 stitches instead of 8 stitches which, of course, meant the toe was four rows shorter. Frogged again back to top of toe just before second half of toe was knit, messed up the frogging again and in disgust threw it. I will not touch it again for at least a week. Hopefully by then the curse has dissipated.
Of course that doesn't include the first time I knit the same sock according to instructions and found it definitely was two big for a 7-1/2 size foot and restarted it again. I'm too tired to count how many times I will have started that one sock once I complete the pair.

On top of that I also ripped back twice the German Mystery Shawl (Secret-of-Chrysopolis) I had started. The first mistake was in row 7. No big deal. But then row 39 came and in the middle repeat the gremlins moved in. I had the correct number of stitches per repeat in rows 37 and 38, but could not fit the exact same number of stitches into the repeat in row 39. I knit backwards, forwards, backwards, forwards, still couldn't make it work. And no it's not the pattern. Everyone else had no problem with it, so it has to be me. Then I dropped a stitch in the numerous backwards and forwards knittings. So I tore that out as well. Mind you, I cannot remember when I tore something back to the beginning and started over again including the cast on. I pride myself on being able to fix things. The old adage "Pride cometh before the fall" was applicable once again.
So now I am taking a nap.
Knit on!

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