Saturday, October 27, 2007

Honeycomb Scarf

Hurray, it's finished. I must have some attention deficit traits since I usually get tired of knitting something that has the same pattern throughout. About halfway through I want to cast off, but scarves are never long enough at that point. The scarf is approximately 12" (30 cm) wide and 75" (190 cm) long. It was actually to be 80" (2 meters) long. The yarn used was 100 grams of Knit Picks' Shadow lace yarn, color is Campfire, and it has 440 yds/50 grams. Of course, I had enough left to have finished the last 5 inches, but I gave myself permission to cast off. The color reminds me of the marvelous dark honey one could get in the Blackforest. Since bees feed on pine pollen, the honey was always a dark honey color with an almost greenish tint to it. Oh how I miss that honey. The taste is totally different from any other honey. The design is from the German Yahoo Group Weihnachtsgeheimnisse (Christmas Secrets) and the designer is Monika Eckert at

Works still on the needles are: the Secret of Chrysopolis, heel and foot of the second sock which will be for Moi!, Crazy Scarf, and a Dale of Norway sweater which I think I started last year.

So let us "Knit on!"

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