Friday, September 21, 2007

Just a little something

I finished the mid-month KAL from the Yahoo group "Monthly Dishcloths." I have appropriated two cones of pink Peaches 'N Cream or Sugar 'N Cream from my daughter. The yarn is several years old. I've started using it to do the first go-around of an unknown pattern. I really like seeing a picture of a pattern to decide what color and type of yarn to use. With this old yarn I don't feel so bad if I don't like the pattern and unravel the washcloth. After all frugal is my middle name. I think this pattern is a winner, and, most likely, I will make it again. The top decrease and loop for hanging would also be nice for knitted hand towels. I don't like the ones that have a button at the top.

Speaking of frugal, the teapot sits on the Microwave that celebrated it's 27th birthday this month. It still works although it does look a little ragged around the edges. And most important of all, it also has a convection oven with it. I had wanted a microwave oven for some time, but my ex wouldn't buy one until his mother came to visit. Bless her soul, without my saying anything or hinting around, my mother-in-law said, "Joe don't you think it's time you bought your wife a microwave oven?" Off we went to Sears and, of course, I was not going to let the occasion go by and bought the biggest one, with the newest gadgets (27 years ago), I could find. It has been a good friend and it'll continue to be until it breathes its last breath.

By the way, I got a washer and a dryer the same way. Bea has been dead for a number of years now, but she was one heck of a woman.

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