Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"Hans you were lazy!"

Bear with me, I'll explain the title in a bit. The following joke makes probably only sense to some old Missouri Synod Lutheran Pastors. So those who are of a more Pentecostal persuasion, bear with me. German Lutherans are not necessarily known for their spontaneity. Our motto is more "everything in order." As Luther said "no Schwaermerei", please. I suppose loosely translated, he was against basing one's faith on feelings. In Luther's eyes, faith was not based on what we feel, but what we know from God's word.

You ask yourself so what does "Hans you were lazy!" or in German "Hans du bist faul gewesen" have to do with this blog entry. I am coming to it.
I've been avoiding posting to my blog, in part because I haven't felt inspired. After all, I really hadn't knit anything worthy of blogging about. (Read: difficult stuff, like intricate lace work.) Then one day led to another and I still didn't feel inspired and thus a whole bunch of time went by. This is where the joke comes in. As I was contemplating the fate of my blog, I was reminded of this particular joke. It goes something like this: "A Lutheran pastor decided to let the Spirit guide him as far as the Sunday sermon was concerned. As he stood at the Pulpit and prayed to God to lead him in the message God wanted to send to the Congregation, God whispered in his ear "Hans, Du bist faul gewesen" (Hans, you were lazy). In other words giving a sermon is work as is maintaining a blog. It's another chore and chores aren't my favorite concept.

I have been busy knitting, but it's been smaller things. I think I've been suffering from shawl fatigue and needed to do something less complicated. On top of that my laptop crashed and everything I had stored disappeared into cyberspace. Have you ever wondered how many bytes are floating around in space, owner- and neighborless, lost without it's sisters and brothers? Enough to form a new nebula? The computer crash left me with a vague feeling of unease, of having lost something dear to me. Never mind, that I would have had to live two or more life times to knit every pattern stored on the laptop. Reason does not apply in such cases.

So here are pictures of the loot I've accumulated. Any suggestions as to what I can do with all those wash cloths?

Opal Yarn 2007 Fall Handpainted
Autumn Melody

Detail, including Pepe Le Pew's stubby hair

Four corned wash cloth based on EZ's Square Baby Blanket

"Shifting Sand" from August 2007 Mid-Month Monthly Dishcloth Knit-Along

Diamond Drop Lace from April 2007 Mid-Month Monthly Dishcloths Knit-Along

Five Golden Rings

Six Geese-a-laying

Seven Swans-a-Swimming
from www.fiberneedblogspot.com

And one last project which is finished, but not blocked. So here's a teaser:
Start of Icelandic Shawl from Piecework Magazine
Main Portion of Shawl
Knit with Jagger Spun Yarn
So Knit on!

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