Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This time: The Real McCoy

I've previously blogged about my project for the Herbert Niebling Lace Knit-Along and my decision to start over with a different yarn after having knitted the first pattern set with Blackberry Ridge's lace weight wool yarn. Well, I received the Alpaca Cloud yarn from Knit Picks. It's wonderfully soft, the color is "smoke", an nary a knot. So here is a rough pic (on needles, unblocked, just pinned out a bit) of the first pattern set, the second pattern set doubles the no. of "leaves," but otherwise is the same. The pattern design is from Niebling's later years and, to me, appears simple but elegant. A rough measurement suggests each pattern set will block to about 20 to 25" suggesting an adequate size for a circular shawl since the original pattern shows three repeats. The beauty of the pattern, however, lies in the fact that an extra pattern set could easily be added if one where inclined so.

Now to knit on my Dale of Norway sweater with a photo of progress made so far to come tomorrow.

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