Monday, February 5, 2007

Sampler M is finished.

It's finished. Done. Completed. I realize more and more that I like to finish things rather than having them lay around. The picture shows the very bottom of the Sampler. To refresh memories, the Sampler Knit-along is a yahoo group which originates in Holland--not Holland, Michigan but Holland, Holland as in Europe. (There is a story behind this comment.)
As I understand it, Holland, Michigan was settled by Dutch settlers because the sandy soil was excellent for planting tulips. Since it's also on a bay leading to Lake Michigan, it probably also reminded the settlers of home. Holland also has the second largest festival, behind the Rose Bowl Parade, during the first week of May--Tulip Festival. Long ago, we went to a restaurant in Saugatuck, also on Lake Michigan. As I was washing my hands in the restroom, another woman and I started exchanging pleasantries when she asked me from where I was. I replied, "Holland," not giving it much thought. She came back with the comment, "Oh you're from Holland over in Europe!" This, of course, was partially true since I am German and therefore from Europe, but not the whole truth, so I simply nodded. I didn't think it was any of her business from where I came. Actually, what I meant was "I'm from Holland, you know about 20 miles north of here. "
The designer of the sampler is Carla Meijsen who appears to be a knitting expert in Holland and Europe. The sampler is a copy of an antique sampler that her husband found for her and she copied the patterns and shared them with the group, usually one pattern per week.
I have decided that I am going to knit this sampler again, but this time make it a little wider and then add a border around it. With the right yarn, this should make a lovely scarf/shawl, depending on the width.
I've tried to play with Flickr to convert the photos to HTML code and paste the series of sections on the blog, but to no avail. When I pasted the code into the text area as instructed, all I got was the code and no pics, so the rest of the photos of individual sections of the sampler will be in the photo album.

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