Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Sandpit

The Sand Pit
Some folks ask where the moniker "The Sand Pit" originated.
We live in the northern part of West Michigan where there are mostly sand dunes--sand dunes with trees, with houses, with people. I sometimes jokingly say that most of Michigan is made up of sand dunes.
The house we bought came with nine acres of woods and one giant pit filled with sand right behind the house. I've been trying to convert this sand pit into a garden with bunny poop from our angora rabbits and chicken manure from the chickens. I figure that this process will take years, since we only have 4 bunnies and 8 chickens. Well, in that pit of sand grow some poppies, probably from seeds dropped by birds. And so the name "The Sand Pit" was coined one day when I was in a particularly silly mood, and the poppy became our logo. So there you have the long and short of it.

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