Wednesday, March 13, 2013

More socks

I have always a car project going; these are usually socks.  It keeps me from being too much of a backseat driver.  These are called "Voeges Indische Rauten" or "Voege's Indian Diamonds."  Somehow I came across it on the Internet.  A search shows that the pattern has been knit multiple times, but no one seems to know who Voege is.  The pattern exists of a chart only.  Each pattern repeat is conveniently 15 stitches, so a 60 stitch sock is easily knit. If you don't like yarn overs, you can knit the yarn overs through the back loop on the next row, but be warned:  it will most likely take another repeat to make it fit the average foot.  The pattern is easily memorized, so it's ideal for knitting in places where charts are not convenient.  As the chart symbols are in German, here is a translation for those who would like to download the chart. 

1/2 = purl 2 tog.
1/3= purl 3 tog.
U = Yarn over
O =  purl
-  = knit

I used hand-dyed sock yarn in an antique gold color.  Dyer, as always, is my daughter Angela.  Needle size was 2.25 mm.  Recipient will be a youngsternin one of the two Kazakhstan orphanages to which the founder of Motherless Child Foundation delivers each December about 500 pairs of socks. Face Book link is here .

Cuff, heel and toe to your liking. 

Knit on Merrily!


  1. What a beautiful design. They are quite lovely and the colour is great. Is your daughter an indie dyer who sells her work or does she just dye yarn for you?

  2. My daughter is the creative type; i.e. she does things when the urge hits her. She sells her yarn exclusively at some of Michigan's fiber festivals. Of course, her sales are minus the yarn I am able to weedle out of her. At the moment the spindle spinning bug has hit and she is madly spinning cotton on a Takli. She's also a wheel spinner and spins beautiful lace weight yarns.