Thursday, February 28, 2013

Short-rows, short-rows everywhere

I found a German sock pattern booklet on Amazon called "Twist-Socken stricken" by Ulrike Brueggemann, or in English "Knitting short-row socks." The booklet contains 15 patterns and the instructions can only be described as "pithy" which is probably true for most German patterns.  Instructions for each pattern are contained on one page with the second page containing a photograph.  I can only say I've been smitten although I dislike knitting short-rows.  Short-row patterns do not lend themselves to charts and I am a chart-person. For some reason, I get addled with written out instructions, but I am plowing through them come what may.  It's a good thing I am not obsessive-compulsive, or I would never get any of these socks finished.  The other problem with short-row patterns is that I have difficulty adapting these patterns to various sizes, so all of the socks I am knitting from this booklet will go to the Motherless Child Foundation which provides children in three Kazakhstan orphanages with warm hand-knitted clothing. 

Here is the first pair of socks knit from these patterns.  The name of the socks is "Leichter Einstieg" or "Simple Beginnings." Each pair is knit with a multi-colored and a solid yarn.


 Knit on, merrily!

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