Monday, February 25, 2013

Obligatory Annual Snow Photos

We didn't really have much snow to speak of until the beginning of February in this part of Michigan, but the bills for snow plowing the driveway have made up for it this month.  We  have also not spied any deer this winter; they usually hide in the woods during these months, and I'm not going to trample through the hip deep snow to find them.  The wild bunnies, however, have been active having decided that our old rabbit shed was the perfect winter hide out. So without further ado, be bored with my winter photographs.

And we have sun!
As far as knitting content is concerned, I have been busy with knitting short-row socks after finding and, of course buying, a German knitting booklet on-line.  I am finishing up the third pair today; so hopefully, I can take photos tomorrow and then do show-and-tell.
Knit on Merrily!


  1. Nigel Pottle (knitknigel)February 26, 2013 at 10:53 PM

    Short row socks! Do you mean the heels?

  2. Not boring at all! As someone who currently has at least 2 feet of snow, I am always reminded that there is always beauty...even in winter. But even as I say that, I'm sick of it. I need spring. BAD.I haven't seen any deer up here yet, but boy have we seen wolf tracks!!!