Monday, January 2, 2012

The last of the knitting for 2011

At the request of my son, I wound up the year with a scarf and a pair of men's socks. He has just moved to Washington State and wanted to gift friends with some of mother's hand-knit goodies.

The socks are knit with worsted weight Cascade super wash in a k3, p1 pattern with every other row knit in stockinette.

The second project was a scarf, "just like you knit for me."  Of course, I had no idea what pattern I had used and had forgotten to record it on Ravelry.  The yarn for my son's scarf had come from a now closed yarn shop's basement via a dead friend.  I remember her saying that it was a French yarn. So tooling around Ravelry I found this  scarf.

 I used just under 3 balls of JoJoland Melody, fingering weight yarn.  I was a little disappointed with the yarn:  too many knots and no discernible pattern repeat in the coloring of the yarn.  But I think it turned out fine.  Now I just have to make it out of the snowy driveway and mail the goodies.

And just for good measure, here is a photo of my son's scarf.

Knit on merrily throughout 2012.

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