Thursday, February 10, 2011

The vagaries of sock knitting

So you see a sock pattern that you really, really like and decide to knit it for yourself and then when you read the pattern the thought comes to mind "this might just be a little too big for your feet." Since the pattern cannot be re-sized you go ahead because you figure, against all experience you have, that by using smaller sized needles, the socks just might fit.

And then you start knitting and you realize that the socks will indeed be too big, way too big. Nevertheless you continue knitting because the pattern really calls to you.
Since you are not willing to give up, you decide to knit the socks exactly the way the designer has written the pattern. What will you end up with?

A Women's US size 10. That's what you get. The designer says medium; I say very large. The pattern is free via Ravelry. I used Opal Uni yarn and 2.25 mm needles. The color of the yarn in the photos is not true. The color is a deep lilac, almost like the blooms on the lilac trees I remember from childhood. And the recipient of these socks? I know of only one person with women's size 10 shoes. The sales lady at the yarn shop. I think she's getting another pair of socks from me.
The pattern looks much more complicated than it really is. I'd be interested in other knitters experience with this pattern, should anyone want to knit it.
Knit on Merrily!


  1. Hallo Renate,
    die Socken sind sehr schoen - und so gross. Gut, dass Du jemanden hast dem sie passen.
    Liebe Grüsse, Ellen

  2. Hallo Renate,
    gut, gut, wundervoll!

    Gruß Heike

  3. pretty though! you are brave -- I would have ripped them out

  4. "Knitter's Logic" is when you know in your heart that your project will not fit, but you knit on with hope.

  5. Beautiful! I checked out the pattern and can see now that it is baggy in the photo too. Hope you enjoyed the process anyway.


  6. Your sock is beautiful. I just wrote yesterday on my blog about a similar experience. My sock in progress is looking rather enormous, but I just keep going. I do have size 10 feet, but the ones I am making may not even fit me! :)

    I love the pattern of the sock you are making. It's beautiful!