Saturday, February 19, 2011


These are my first socks for the orphanage in Akkhol, Kazaghstan. This charity was started by two women who adopted children from the orphanage and found the children in -40 deg F weather without mittens. Since it's inception it has broadened its mission to supply various knitted goods provided they are made from at least 75% animal fiber.

The socks were fun to knit. I used a ball of Opal Neon sock yarn (no longer manufactured) and 2.25 mm needles. I have switched from Bamboo to Boyce metal needles. They are as light as Bamboo needles, but much sturdier and less expensive since many of my needles disappear into what my daughter calls "the mom zone." I really like these needles, but have not tried them as yet with really slippery yarn.
Knit on Merrily!


  1. They look so nice and warm. Someone will really appreciate them.

  2. One done and many more to go! These are great socks for our kids.

  3. Finally, something to do with all that unused sock yarn!

  4. What a brilliant idea. I love opal sock yarn too and using metal needles. I think I knit quite tightly so need the yarn to slide a bit, fine on larger bamboo needles that have a good slip but the smaller guages seem to be slightly less polished