Sunday, December 12, 2010

This is how some days go....

Some days I don't know why I take a particular photo or save it for that matter, but this one came in handy today. It expresses exactly how I feel.

Today was one of those days where things went to hell in a hand basket.

Twelve days before Christmas: the wood pellet heating system crashed and won't come on again, and it'll be around 10 degrees F (-10 degrees C) over night, the Propane Tank is almost empty and probably won't get filled till mid-week. (Of course since this is Sunday, I won't be able to call the company until tomorrow and since they are out of town, thinking that they will be able to come by mid-week may be too positive. The snow plower had to come to plow out the drive way to the road and the property taxes must, and I mean must, be paid by December 31st. And all this on a fixed income. I wish somebody would adopt me.

On top of all of that my former life partner is back in my life, sort of; she is under hospice care in a nursing home and since she has no one to take care of things, I am it. Why didn't some one tell me when I was born prematurely so many years ago, and babies like me usually didn't survive, that I should take the hint. But noooooooooooo, I had to be oppositional and stubborn. So now you understand why I am showing this photo. Some critter left it in my front yard two summers ago.

But then I found this photo of my Maine Coon mix and little Mikey, a "Shitanese" (Shitzu and Pekingese mixture). And he was a little sh... with a Napoleon complex, marking his territory too numerously. But he was a cutie and the picture is not staged except for the snow flake frame.

On the knitting front, I have three shawls to block. One scarf which I just finished today needs to be washed and blocked and another one finished post haste. I also need to take photos of the scarves and of a third scarf and wrist warmers which I knit for myself. Of course if my middle daughter sees it and feels it's soft enough, it might not belong to me for very long. Oh well, what else are mothers for. Come to think of it, I did the same thing to my mother.
So hopefully, there'll be some eye candy before Christmas.
Knit on Merrily!


  1. Renate, I am so sorry that things are difficult for you. I hope the new year will bring wealth, good health and relaxation for you.....and me also.

  2. In truth, I think you are coping admirably. I love your attitude. Notice you ended with "Knit on Merrily" - so not everything is like your little "Shit"anese after all.

    I must say I am humbled by your willingness to help your ex who is obviously suffering. I am so glad you are there for her, because even exes don't deserve to die alone. I doff my hat to your good samaritan attitude to life.

  3. Sending hugs! Live is like that some days...There is nothing for it, but chin up and through. :)
    Hope things will look up for you soon and crossing my fingers the propane people will be there asap!
    My good friend always tells me: Komm' durch!