Saturday, October 23, 2010

The good and the ugly...

I started the Black Tie Optional socks as an antidote for the stockinette knitting of the long underwear. The Black Tie Optional socks were knit with the same yarn as the long johns, i.e. from a partial cone of Webs sock yarn. The beads if you can see them in the photos are black. The top of the insole is my "adaptation" (I mean mistake) of the designer's pattern. I was unwilling to unravel the foot of the sock when I discovered that I somehow used a non-existing chart. Don't ask how this is possible; I have no idea how I managed to conjure up a chart that is not there. The pattern is by Adrienne Fomg from Belly Button Knits Designs and can be found in the Ravelry group Sock Knitters Anonymous.

The beads are best visible on the heel.

The ugly socks were knit for my "nephew" Nick. Nick adopted me. He chose the yarn. It is of unknown character a little thicker than usual and has been in my stash forever.

These make sixteenth pair of socks for the year.

Progress Report on the long johns: I have knit half of one leg.

Knit on Merrily!


  1. Love the socks with the beads. I always tell my students that if you make the same mistake more than once, then you have your own pattern.

    Your nephew's socks really are nice. I like them!!!

  2. Both prs. of socks are beautiful! Your nephew's socks will go great with blue jeans. I love the socks with beads. How is it done? Are the beads knitted in or sewn on? Your readers would like to know. ;-)

  3. Black Tie Optional - lovely. What a special talent you have, conjuring up a chart that wasn't there :-)

  4. I think it's hilarious that the "Black Tie Optional" socks get this wonderful introduction, which leads me to believe that those socks are "the good" you mention in your post title. Why no lovely words for the stripey socks? I think they're great! Surely those are not the "ugly" you're referring to.