Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall in Northern Michigan

On the way to Hoxeyville, Michigan, an unincorporated area in Northern Michigan with no main street and 300 or so souls. The landscape, however, makes up for non-existing amenities.
Near Hoxeyville, Michigan

Sassafras leaves at Minnie Pond near White Cloud, Mich. in Manistee National Forest. The camping area is named after Minnie Pond, the wife of one of the founders of the area.

Maple leaves, Minnie Pond.

Oak trees, Minnie Pond.

Oak tree at the side of our driveway.

View from the mailbox and now we are home again.


  1. Beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing. We didn't have much for a foliage season this year due to the bad weather that was handed to us.

  2. Love the colors --pretty green out here in California without much variety.

  3. I know where Hoxeyville is ... most of my childhood summers were spent down the road close to Tustin. The topography is astounding, year round, and of course the colors at this time of the year are breathtaking.