Monday, May 10, 2010

Finally some knitting content

I finally took photos of the Tee I knit last month. The yarn is a discontinued Plymouth Yarn, Linen Isle, with a content of 50% Cotton, 30% Rayon and 20% Linen. Each 50 gram skein has 86 yards and five stitches to the inch with size 6 needles. The yarn is machine washable on gentle and should be laid flat to dry. I put the finished Tee in the dryer on the gentle cycle. It did not lose its shape or shrink. It would be more energy efficient to air dry since it took a couple of drying cycles. Unfortunately the pictures with me in the Tee are not the most flattering, but then, to be honest, there hasn't been anything flattering about my figure for at least 10 years. It's a wee bit snug, but I've been losing weight, so I figure it will fit just perfect by the end of the summer. While I am grateful in having lost 28 lbs. over the past 1-1/2 years, it's also worrisome since I haven't tried to lose weight. We'll see if it continues and then I'll worry enough to mention it to the doctor.

So without further ado here is my plump figure in my new Tee. It's frightening how much I look like one of my mother's sisters, in size that is.

Well, the hair is still au naturel, with distinguished gray at the temples.

I found the pattern at . The pattern is called "Sommerflieder" or "Summer Lilacs." The instructions are in German, but can easily be translated into English with the Google translate button. Be prepared for a few non-sensical words, but any knitter who has knit a sweater before can easily ignore the occasional gibberish.

The second finished project is a pair of socks. Knit from an overly ripe skein of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. Not my most favorite sock yarn since it has to be hand washed. I prefer to be able to toss my socks in with the regular wash. However, the yarn was perfect for the pattern and had been stewing long enough in my stash of sock yarn. The pattern is fairly easy and for a medium experienced knitter can almost go on automatic. The cuff and foot have a pattern of knit 2, purl 1, with every other knit 2 crossed every fourth row. Pleasant enough to the eye that I might just knit a whole sock that way one of these days. The leg pattern has a pattern consisting of dropped stitches, 1x1 cables and purl stitches. Yes you have read correctly, dropped stitches. If I hadn't knit the pattern, I would not have believed it. The pattern is by Terry Morris and can be found on Ravelry under the name "Yaneris Socks." It is now a "for buy" product, but was originally offered for free through the Yahoo Holiday Mystery Gift group.

Well that's all folks until I have knit something else.

Knit on merrily!


  1. beautiful knitting! And it is refreshing to actually see a "real" sized woman modeling her knits! I see you have chicks. We got some this spring and they should be laying in August.

  2. Gorgeous shirt! Maybe I'll brave the translation!

    Socks are very cute. Like the stitch pattern.

    A slow weight loss like that shouldn't be anything more than you've started moving more/eating a bit less. Whatever it is, keep it up!

  3. I love the picture of you in your beautiful tee and the chickens in back!! Love farm life!
    Your socks are gorgeous, too!

  4. Great shirt and love the socks. The pic is very nice. I never knew what you looked like before now. You certainly do not look your age.

  5. Love the detail in the tee and of course, lovely socks!

  6. Love the socks. Love the tee. Love you. Thanks for sharing - it's good to put a face with an online friend.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous - the "T" and the socks. What a brilliant command of knitting skills. And I'm with Diane - it's lovely to put a face to an online friend, especially when the face is MUCH younger than I anticipated.

    Emerald in Yellowknife