Monday, August 24, 2009

Falling down on their assigned jobs


Cat with lace

So we have two attack cats, Tommy and Sammy and one Rat Terrier, aka Pepe Le Pew who yaps at everything and anybody. Usually! You'd think our house would be protected from intruders of the two-legged kind. I'm not sure why I would have that idea since these three have trouble catching the little four-legged intruders with the long tails. So here is the scary tale.

Pepe1 1-27-2008
Pepe Le Pew

Angie and I are both in bed when a van drives up our driveway. I am still awake and, of course, I can see the headlights from way back since it is totally dark outside. After all, we live in the woods, surrounded by more woods, i.e. the Manistee National Forest. There are no city lights obscuring the night sky.

Before I could scramble out of bed, Angie woke up on the noise the van made and thinking it was one of our friends called out here name and, then, this dude appears at her window, stating something like, "Hi my name is X; I have two kids in my car and am wondering if you have a job for me, so I can earn enough money for gas to get back to Muskegon." She said "no" and luckily, the guy got back in the car and left. Dare I tell you, he had shut off the engine and turned off the van's lights? Me thinks, he was scoping out the area hoping that this was one of the many vacation cottages in the area and the residents of said cottage were snug in their city home.

(There was another complication: Unbeknown to us we had no phone service. We had had very heavy rains and the phone lines had shorted out.)

Having worked in a prison, I have another story to tell you. Luckily the guy left and didn't decide to do something dumber yet. I've heard it once too often from the horse's mouth--a criminal went to the wrong place, realized his mistake and, nevertheless, decided to beat up the residents.

And where were the killer cats and the yapping dog? The cats were snuggled up with Angie and Pepe le Pew was snuggled with me under the feather bed fast asleep. Not even a tiny yip out of him.


  1. Oh, dear. I'm so glad this didn't turn out badly!

  2. Sorry, Night visitors arriving on a private unlit woodsy road can set your heart apounding. Glad you were alright. Did you report the incident to any local authorities who might have known of additional unexpected intrusions?