Sunday, October 8, 2006

Of Peace and War

As I was walking out of my backdoor this morning, I saw our chickens and two fawns, with almost all of the spots gone, peacefully at the edge of the woods. The chickens were pecking for bugs and the deer were eating other green delicacies. Such a simple picture. And yet, the world, as always, is at war, whether in organized conflicts or individuals just at war with each other. As I watch television, I see the children of the world suffering unimaginable hardships and horrors. My soul is saddened by their suffering and my mind wanders back to my own childhood. You see I grew up in Germany during WWII. While I was protected psychologically by a loving family, I nevertheless experienced the horrors of war without really understanding them at the time. This was everyday life for me. It was only one day when the church bells started ringing that I was confused. After all the church bells never rang. I remember asking my aunt what the sound was and why the bells were ringing. She answered me with a simple, "we have peace." My five-year-old vocabulary was not familiar with that concept, and I asked "what is peace (Frieden)?" I can't remember my aunt's explanation, I only remember my puzzlement over the word. And I wonder what is going to become of the children of the world?
A few weeks ago, I became aware of the Afghans4Afghans charity. They are in desperate need of sweaters for children. I've finished one and have started another. They are due by November 2. So if you come by this post and know how to use two sticks and string, please knit one.
Peace, Renate

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