Monday, July 14, 2008

Anniversary Mystery Shawl #8

I am currently knitting a Pi shawl designed by Renee Leverington of . I am halfway through clue 4, the 96 row section. Unfortunately, I did not read the direction thoroughly enough (what else is new) and now I have to punt. I used one of the 48 row patterns of Clue 4 instead of choosing a 96 row selection. Naturally, the shawl isn't big enough yet. Instead of ripping out the 48 rows of 576 stitches each, I am going to try to knit the mirror image of the 48 row pattern. I am going to be adventuresome; besides it's just as much work to rip out 96 rows than 48 rows. Right?

The shawl is knit with some fingering weight Brown Sheep Merino of which I had 1-1/2 cones in my stash. I am using US 7 (4.5 mm) needles. For the photos, I temporarily dry-blocked the shawl, just so I could get an idea of what it would look like. It's coming out nicely so far. We'll see what the end result is once I have knit the other 48 rows.

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