Monday, March 31, 2008

It's been a while since I touched my blog. Motivation has been low lately in all areas of life. Yesterday I was reminded once again how powerful cues are in my life. I was watching an episode of Secret Passages on the History Channel. The information on the show stated that it was about stone passageways in New Hampshire which are apparently also called New Hampshire's Stone Henge. Well I was innocently watching along; the subject changed from New Hampshire to someplace else in the United States; I got involved in my knitting and suddenly my heart skipped a beat and I went into a panic: the show had changed from New Hampshire to Hitler's "Berghof" (mountain hide-away) and it's many underground passages underscored with the sound of sirens. I was ready to hit the deck or find the nearest bunker, but, of course, it was only television. Just for me, I wish they would put warnings on such shows. They do it for Forensic Files, etc. due to adult content.

On top of that we had a wild ride to the doctor last week. Angie needed to see a doctor and it had started to snow. So off we went. Normally Angie drives; she has control issues and I don't mind; I can always knit. It's kind of nice to have a built in chauffeur. Well, the snow was thick and wet, the road was a tad slick, and she was driving what seemed like 5 miles an hour. So I offered to take over. She relented and I was "cruising" along at 30 miles an hour down the country road that leads to the "big" city. I was kind of hugging the middle of the road when a van came from the opposite direction. Being the polite driver I am, I veered towards my side of the road and hit a patch of ice. And off to the races we were. The car took off in directions it was not intended to go; all the while I have my foot off the gas and am steering madly into the slide. The car is heading towards the van ready to broadside it, missed it by a foot and started sliding the other way again. And then it parked itself neatly parallel to the ditch on the correct side of the road, facing forward, just as if I had never been slip sliding away. The strange thing was while all of this was going on, it was perfectly peaceful in the car, only as the car stopped did I think about "steering with and taking the foot of the gas." The old lady still seems to have it or my guardian angel took control. After the doctor, I treated myself with a piece of pie with ice cream and extra whipped cream.

Knitting-wise, I finally had enough motivation to take photos of the pair of socks I finished from the German Socken-Kreativ-Liste. It was the January KAL. I am currently knitting the March socks, but won't show a pic until I have them completed.

I've also been knitting away on the Orkney Pi shawl, but have only 1/3 of the last section done so far. It is a pleasurable, but slow knit due to the many stitches. I may have to talk Angie into spinning the rest of the roving because I don't think I have enough.
I've also started another German Shawl KAl, called the Secret of Bad Nauheim. Bad Nauheim is a Spa in Germany. It will be a rectangular shawl and is a follow up to the Secret of Chrysopolis which is finished but not blocked as yet. This is a more leisurely knit since it only is 45 rows a week. I am using up some Knit Picks lace yarn which I've had on hand.

Knit on!


  1. Your blog is so intersting. I have a sensitive soul, too. I hate hearing about kids that have been abused and/or murdered, etc. My sister loves to watch all those real-life crime shows & then she loves to tell me all the gory details.

    It's a good thing that we have our knitting to keep us focused on good things, right? Your socks are beautiful!