Friday, February 15, 2008

Dem-Fisher-Sin-Fru, Part 3

I finished part three of the Fisherman's wife shawl just in time to get part four. The eyes just aren't cooperating well lately. I've got to find my prescription and get new spectacles. I think that might help a bit since I can see just fine when the sun is shining; and then save up for the biggest adjustable Ott light I can find. Otherwise things are kind of wintry around here. We got some more snow. The snow plow guy had to dig us out once again. The piggy bank for snow plowing has long been deleted, and, I think there's more snow coming. So here is the latest installment:

Middle Portion

Side view. Can you see the starfish?

Other projects on the needles are 2 pairs of socks, and a scarf which will probably have to wait until the shawl is finished.

Knit on!

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