Saturday, May 23, 2009

Socks, socks, socks, socks...........

Another four pairs of socks are completed and are resting in the sock drawer. The first pair was from the Ravelry Group Sock Knitters Anonymous. The pattern is called Sliding Leaves by Jeannie Cartmel of . The sock has a lovely pattern; unfortunately it is knit from the toe up. I have yet to knit a sock from the toe up that fits me; therefore, I have finally sworn off that method of knitting a pair of socks, and they will go into the "gifting" box. The socks were knit with Crystal Palace Panda Wool, a mixture of 51% Bamboo, wool and nylon.

The second pair of socks is called Mainau, after an Island in Lake Constance in Southern Germany. The design is by Monika Eckert of and will eventually be available for sale on her website. At the moment it is part of a subscription series that runs for three months before one must order the next three-month series. For overseas customers, Monika sells the patterns without the yarn. For European countries each pattern has a recommended yarn which can only be ordered from Monika's shop. As with her lace shawls, Monika's patterns are always error-free, well written (in both German and English), and a delight to knit. These were also knit with Panda Wool.

No this is not my leg. I could only wish.

For anyone interested in seeing what Mainau looks like, here are a few pics from the area. Isn't it absolutely beautiful?

These socks are knit with Sockotta and are really anklets. I found the pattern somewhere on the Internet with the title "Citron-Lemon-Orange Socks - English Pattern" which would suggest that it originally came in another language, most likely German. The pattern has no identifying information as to the source, and, of course, when I saved the pattern I forgot to write down the source from hence it came. If anyone recognizes the pattern and it's source, please let me know. The pattern on each side of the sock is simply, p1, y/o, sskp2 (slip 2, k1, pass over slip 2) y/o, p2, y/o, sskp2, y/o, p1.

Finally, these are really plain stinos (stinking normal socks), but knit with a hand-dyed sock blank. The artist as with all my hand-dyed projects, is my daughter known on the Internet as Valley. I absolutely love the vibrant colors and the color combination. The leg and top of socks is simply k2, p2.

Knit On!

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