Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Some eye candy of finished socks

My sock knitting came to a standstill when I decided that this woman needed some sweaters and tops, but I realized that I have neglected to post any socks I knit during 2014 and the beginning of 2015. So here are some photos of socks that have gone or will go to the orphanages in Kazakhstan.
These boot socks were knit with left-over Debbie Bliss Donegal Tweed together with one strand of Regia Design Line Garden Effect. The pattern is fashioned after the Wisconsin Winter Socks pattern.
I am calling these socks “Doodles” because that was exactly what I was doing: doodling. After getting ready to pack a batch of socks for the Motherless Child Foundation, aka Mittens-for-Akkol, I was at loose ends and didn’t quite know what I wanted to do with this yarn. None of the thousands of patterns on Ravelry enticed me nor came I across a pattern in my vast collection of sock pattern books. So I just started to knit.
Pattern: Cast on 56 stitches, 14 stitches per needle. Cuff k1, p1 for 14 rows. 1. 4 rows stockinette. 2. For next two rows purl across first needle of 14 stitches, knit next 14 stitches; repeat one more time. 3. Knit 2 rows. 4. Repeat #2. 5. For the next six rows on fiirst needle: p2, k2 across 14 stitches, ending with p2, knit 2nd needle; repeat once more. 6. Repeat #2. 7. Repeat #3. 8. Repeat #2. Repeat 1-8 as often as needed for the leg.
Just a plain pair of socks knit with Regia Creativ yarn.

Until next time. "Knit on, merrily."


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