Thursday, December 6, 2012

More Socks

Many sock knitters understand the phenomenon of collecting sock patterns.  There is always at least one more pattern that tickles our fancy and before we know it, we have collected more sock patterns than we can knit in a life time.  Particularly since we collect more as we knit from the list we already have.  I am trying to remedy this malady without much success.  Along with amassing patterns, we, of course, also amass yarn.  Recently, I found three balls of Brown Sheep Nature Spun, fingering weight, in oatmeal that came from a long ago bought cone of yarn. I assume I bought it at Paradise Fibers, but how many years ago is a mystery.  Also a mystery is what else I knit with this particular yarn.  This pattern comes from the German Yahoo group "Krea Socks" and was designed by Gudrun Neumann-Mack.  The design is called "Late Summer Blues." They were knit with 2.00 mm needles and were gifted to my in-house spinner, aka youngest daughter.  (I have to keep her happy so I can get more hand-spun yarn.)

Knit on Merrily.


  1. Beautiful socks! Soon I will finish with my Christmas knitting and then will go back to some more socks for myself! I can't wait.