Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lake Michigan

We visited Ludington State Park in Michigan yesterday.  It's only a 40 minute drive from our home. By the time we got there the temperature was a comfortable 10 degrees F cooler than it was at our home. The park is right along Lake Michigan and includes a part of the shoreline of Lake Michigan, Hamlin Lake and Big Sauble River.  It has three campgrounds within it's confines.  It's one of a number of State of parks along the shoreline of Lake Michigan.  It has lots of foot and bicycle lanes, boating on both Lake Michigan and Hamlin Lake and one can go "tubing" on the Big Sable River.  Of course I went in my new top knit from Maggi's Cotton/Linen yarn.  The yarn is rather expensive, but a dream to wear.  Each time I wash the Tee, the fabric gets softer and cooler to wear

The pattern can be found here at and is called Gemini.  It's a top down pattern which always causes problems for my figure.  Around the neck and shoulders I need a small size but from the bust down I need a much larger size.  If I were to knit it according to the author's pattern, it would either fall of my shoulders or not fit in the bust area.  What I finally did was start with the second smallest size, and then after knitting about 1/3 of the neck area, I started increasing every row for the front and back and every fourth row for the sleeves.  The next time I will start with the smallest size for the neck.  Of course, I didn't write anything down.  Since I am old enough to spit on the side walk and wear red with purple, I suppose I can get away with "winging" it.

Since this photo was taken on our property, I decided to show you some of the ones we took at the lake yesterday. For any of my overseas readers the Great Lakes are made up of five Lakes--Michigan, Huron, Erie, Superior, and Ontario-- and contain about 20% of the world's fresh water supply.

Hamlin Lake with its swimming and boating area.

A view of Lake Michigan

 Lake Michigan shoreline with its sand dunes

 More Sand Dunes

Dune Grass

 The Big Sauble River

 And another view of the Big Sauble

One lonely deer on the far side of the Big Sauble River

No knitting done on this trip but when I got home, I continued with my Advent Calendar Scarf.

Knit on Merrily!


  1. Love the top!!! Great job!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I always love lake and ocean scenes.

  2. The top is super good and the yarn is worth it´s money. The sand dunes are very similar to the ones in Denmark...