Saturday, October 15, 2011

Socks #31 and #32

I knit two more pairs of socks during the month of September, but failed to show them.  As a first step to a thorough "house" cleaning, I decided to do "wool" cleaning. I've had dozens of partial balls of sock yarn laying about. In some cases they started out as full balls, but were partially eaten by some unidentified critters, be it moths, mice or cats. Others were spirited away by Sammy the cat to his own secret hiding place, only to see the light of day again when he was good and ready to share. The ultimate hope, of course, is that Fall cleaning can be delayed until Spring. So here they are:  The first one for the orphanage in Akkhol and the second pair for moi.
Knit with some ancient Opal yarn.

Knit with Brownsheep Wildfoot yarn left over from a cone with which I knit an EZ Pi Shawl ca. 2003.  Sammy dug it out of his favorite hiding place and regifted me with it.  What a cat!

Knit on Merrily!

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