Thursday, June 9, 2011

Socks #15, 16, and 17 for 2011

Ugh.  Blogger has changed the formatting and uploading of pics.  I'm getting too old for change just for the sake of change.  It was working just fine before they fiddled with it.  But that's my humble opinion.  I know the techies out there are probably happy.

I took a week out to visit my daughter on the East side of the State of Michigan, i.e. the vast metropolitan area of Detroit.  I had a wonderful time, but just one complaint.  Living in the middle of a National Forest, noises of lawn mowers and edgers are quite rare except for our neighbor who has a week-end cottage and likes to mow her small patch of grass.  Luckily, these nice folks are more snowmobile enthusiasts and, thus, don't mow too often.  I told my daughter us folks from the backwoods would really appreciate it if all the neighbors would get together and mow and edge at the same time instead of someone doing it every day of the week. 

But the variety of food made up for all the noisy mowers.  We even found a German bread bakery who had honest to goodness real Laugebroetle.  "Lauge" stands for "lye" and "broetle" stands for "little bread" also known as a roll.  These are a type of hard rolls dipped in a week lye solution before being baked.  Be still my heart.  Just thinking about it makes it pound again. 

While I was visiting, I also got busy and knit three pair of socks for the Orphanage in Kazakhstan.  A mere pittance toward the 500+ pairs we need to knit by November.  I had fun knitting with the 6 ply ONLine Supersocke yarn.  This particular set was knit with their "New Wave" line.  They are just plain stockinette socks with a short row heel.

This pair was knit with the remainder of a skein of ONLine Supersocke Wellness yarn.  The pattern is a simple knit 3, slip one with a knit row in between.  It seems to compliment the many colors in the yarn.

I like the colors in this pair of socks, but the yarn was the yarn born in hell.  While we were at Hobby Lobby, I picked up some of their sock yarn called Walk Away sock yarn."  True to its name, it should have just kept walking instead of pretending to be sock yarn.  The yarn was unevenly spun with the colored plies appearing to be spun around  a core ply of white yarn which I assume is the polyamide.  Every so often the colored plies were bunched together loosely around that center ply of yarn.  It's hard to describe, but I had never seen anything like it in the many types of yarn with which I have knit.  Even at half price, I would not buy the yarn again.  I can buy top quality sock yarn when it is on sale from Little Knits at the same price. 
Knit on Merrily!


  1. Great socks! (as usual)....and now I know where you went on vacation. I was behind in my blog reading.

  2. You are a knitting *machine*!

    I have mouth watering memories of bread in Stuttgart. The hotel breakfasts were a feast. Lye? Really? Sounds like washing your mouth out with soap, but I'm sure that's not what it tasted like :-)

  3. wow socks socks socks!!! love them, I'm determined to make some this year, time goes by too quickly. Enjoying the stripes