Sunday, May 1, 2011

In honor of my 71st Birthday..

My favorite cartoons/pics liberally appropriated from various Internet sites. As my doctor says: "it stinks when you hurt more in the morning than when you went to bed at night." So true.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes.

Knit on Merrily! Renate


  1. Wishing you a very happy Birthday! So glad you did not ignore it, like many other persons that are over 40 years....
    XX Lena

  2. Love the sense of humor. Happy 71st!

  3. Happy Birthday from one of your peers (my 71st is in a few weeks.

  4. Happy Birthday Sweety.
    I am still reading away loving all your knits and your generosity of spirit. What a lovely woman you are.
    Paula x

  5. I wish you a very very Happy Birthday to you and Birthday Wishes fill the life with joy and blessings.