Monday, January 24, 2011

Rosenheim Socks

Monika Eckert's designs are always a challenge for me. Not the kind of pattern you knit with your eyes glued to the TV. These were knit with an old skein of hand-dyed yarn. Of course the yarn was dyed by the resident dyer, aka my daughter A. I used 2.0 mm needles so the socks fit my feet better. Moni's sock patterns are made for socks normally knit with 64 stitches. Sixty stitches are plenty for me. Rosenheim is a city of approximately 60,000 inhabitants in the German state of Bavaria. Another pair of Moni's socks are on the needles.

Knit on Merrily!


  1. Oh, I like these! They are so bright and sunny. Makes me feel warm just looking at them :-)

  2. Sehr schön sind die geworden, das Muster will ich mir merken. Schön auch, dass ich Ravelry deinen Blog gefunden habe. Jetzt bleibe ich als Leserin hier.

    Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz

  3. Oh sind die toll.
    Bei den Farben kommt das Muster so richtig toll zur Geltung.

    Viel Freude mit den Socken wünscht Netty

  4. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous, Renate.